GO2 Technologies Intelli-Cells Solutions



Throughout our history, GO2 Technologies has designed and built custom solutions for our clients’ assembly, test, fixturing and laboratory needs. These solutions took the form of self- contained, mobile, framed cells. We call these solutions GO2 Intelli-Cells®.


GO2 Technologies has extended the Intelli-Cell® product line into Automated, Non- Automated and Laser-Marking versions.


GO2 Technologies’ expertise in panel design, layout and build can be found in our GO2 Panel® products and our diversity with end of arm solutions and design evolved into the GO2 End of Arm Tech® product.


When GO2 was asked to design and build a solution for fragile, non-uniform or heavy material conveyance, the GO2 PalleTran® product was born.



GO2 Intelli-Cell®

GO2 AutomateR® and AutomateR Intelli-Cell®

GO2 AutomateNR® and Automate NR Intelli-Cell®

GO2 Laser-Mark Intelli-Cell®

GO2 End of Arm Tech®

GO2 Panel®

GO2 PalleTran®